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Going to the chapel and we’re going to get married…

Just kidding!

I was searching for a white dress to wear on Easter Sunday when I came across this pretty thing. I’m not too into crochet, but I fell in love with the delicacy of the simple pattern. When I put it on, I immediately paired it with a white flower crown and got a total indie-hipster wedding vibe, probably sparked by an adorable story I read about on Refinery29. (Sorry, I can’t seem to find the exact link!) To tone down the church bells, I paired is with my trusty navy ankle booties, the buckle hardware adding a bit of roughness to the outfit.

White is definitely my favorite new un-color for spring. It’s such a refreshing twist during the transition period between winter and summer—sunny silhouettes in clean-as-snow hues? I can dig it.


Dress: H&M
Necklace: Tiffany & Co.
Boots: PLNDR

S/O to Janice for the handmade flower crown! ILY!

thnks fr th mmrs

Sweet and punk gets a little update with daisies and crop tops. It was an EXTREMELY hot day when I was filming this, an unusually heat wave far warmer than the 50 degree weather we’ve been having recently. At this point in the day, I was ready to take a nap and bake on the black top. (Hence, the lack of photos standing up.) (Sorry not sorry.)


Necklace: Thrifted
Top: H&M
Skirt: Topshop
Booties: PLNDR

Blogger Obsession: Ibotta

Anybody who knows me (or follows this blog!) knows that, although I love a great splurge, I can’t resist a good deal. Saving money is one of the most important things to keep in mind while shopping, but finding ways to save is easier said than done. That’s where Ibotta comes in. It’s a free app on both the App Store and Google Play that provides you with easy access to tons of rebates. Once you set up an account, all you have to do is what you do best: SHOP.


There are tons of categories to can choose from—food, electronics, beauty, and did I mention food—including the newly added apparel section. From there, just click on the item that you purchased and complete a few simple tasks, like watching a video or taking a quick poll. Upload your receipt, and voilà! Earn real money back and watch your savings rack up!


Want even more buzz? Find Ibotta on Twitter, Facebook, and their blog to stay in the loop about future cash for fashion collabs!

Well, this month’s been a doozy.

Between track practice, schoolwork, prepping for DECA ICDC, I’ve been booked to the neck with things to do. Luckily, spring break just hit, so this week will be dedicated to catching up all the things I haven’t been able to post. Expect great things, errbody!

I’ve done a ton of shopping in the meantime—more than I’d like to admit—but, the sales were worth it. My entire outfit in the pictures above cost a total of under $40. Shoes included. I know.

Summer’s nearly here. It’s time to start to sunshine hauls, folks.


Shirt: H&M ($14)
Necklace: Gifted
Shorts: Macy’s ($5)
Shoes: PLNDR ($20)

PS: big thanks to the fabulous Richel and Lillian for looking gorg (as always), and to Wendi for her photog skillz.

San Cisco - Reckless

San Cisco - Reckless

Reckless | San CIsco

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outtake from today.

outtake from today.