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BeautyCamp NYC Day 3

Retro curls and classic coils all made an appearance today at Day 3 of BeautyCamp. The session was led by Casey Geren, a renown hairstylist who has worked with celebrities all across the nation, from CA to NY.

After today, I have a new found appreciation for blow drying. My infamous bedhead is the usual look I’m sporting, and depending on when during the day we meet, my tresses will be anywhere on the spectrum between sopping wet and dehydrated-dry. I never really appreciated what a good blowout could do for my hair! Luckily, my 16 years in the dark have been brought to light. I learned all about making lasting, touchably soft waves with just a few simple, essential styling products. Although it does take quite a bit of work, hopefully with some practice I’ll be able to work some real magic. My Hermoine Granger days are done—just call me Emma Watson (pre-pixie cut, of course).


BeautyCamp NYC Day 2

My life’s beauty skills and experienced can be neatly summed up in a serious of failed smokey eyes attempted based on the incredulous false hope provided by YouTubers of all channels of life. But, great news: I can now do a smokey eye.

For those of you who don’t know me, this may seem trivial (I mean, what sixteen year old doesn’t know how to work a palette?), but trust me, I always ended up looking more “tired raccoon” than “subtly sultry”. Now, despite my clumsy brush skills, thanks to Kyle Harder’s amazing hands-on how-to’s and a lot of experimenting with various creams and powders, I’m now well versed in the world of basic eye looks. From extreme contrast to the high lift, all the BeautyCamp girls and I were able to play around with different styles to figure out what looked best on ourselves, as well as how to enhance our favorite natural features. 

Eyes, eyebrows, complexion, lips—all check! Up next for Day 3: hair.


a breath of fresh air

a breath of fresh air


If there’s anything I love, it’s a cute romper. They’re the ultimate lazy-girl’s cheat to looking effortlessly chic, but with a little bit of an androgynous twist. While it’s no doubt that they’ve been seen everywhere this summer, from model street style to red carpet runways,  the question still stands: what’s to become of these mini-jumpsuits this fall?

Lavish Alice has got you covered! Their AW14 collection has hit their site, and, boy, is it gorgeous. Structured silhouettes and midi-lengths provide a posh play on proportions while keeping you cozy during the colder months. The fall season is especially tricky because it’s not nearly chilly enough to pile on those fluffy sweaters and—let’s face it—you’re not exactly ready to let go of your daisy-dukes-bikinis-on-top wardrobe just yet.

This Dark Floral Scuba Structured Playsuit is the perfect compromise. The thick scuba material is airy enough to let heat circulate, but the three-quarter sleeves and snug construction are sure to keep you warm when the mercury drops. Plus, the summer-y floral print goes dark and demure with a black and white color scheme. With sharp shoulders and a tiny peplum detail, it’d be impossible for you not to turn some heads in this stunner when you finally head back to school (bittersweet, I know!).


Playsuit: Lavish Alice
Bag: Serterow (thrifted at Beacon’s Closet)
Rings: Urban Outfitters
Shoes: Calvin Klein

S//O to Carlo Antonio and his sidekick Sunwoo Moon for the sick photography.

BeautyCamp NYC Day 1

Today I had the opportunity to attend the first day of BeautyCamp NYC, a five-day program that teaches anything and everything you would ever need to know about hair and makeup. Held in a studio in the quaint yet bustling Garment District of Manhattan, BeautyCamp is the ultimate  playground—way beyond sampling all the testers on a trip to Sephora.

While I’m no amateur in fashion, when it comes to beauty, I’m a novice at best. Day 1 covered the topics of skin and eyebrows, two very basic components of a beauty look that are beyond hard to master. While I was never one to shy away from a bold brow, I always dreaded putting foundations and BB Creams on my temperamental complexion. After today, I’m proud to say that I will never have that problem again! From countless beauty tutorials and how-to’s in magazines, I thought I knew almost all there was to know about playing with shades and undertones to find your perfect skin match or creating a gel brow that would make Queen Delevingne jealous. However, today’s session taught me that there’s a wide gap between simply knowing how to do something and actually doing something… and the best way to close it is with practice, more practice, and little bit of a helping hand from someone experienced to guide you along the way.

I can’t wait for Day 2!